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We, at FRIENDS BUILDING DEMOLITION AND CONTRACTING L.L.C, are determined to deliver the quickest, most economical and apparently easiest result in clients’ demolition needs.
We arrange for the mechanical demolition works, the controlled collapse of structures or simple traditional method of removal of some structures which may require the careful breaking of a part or whole in order to preserve the listed elements (safeguard any close structures) or to maintain the same. Cautious attentions are set for industrial plants, warehouses, and sheds or any single/close residential drillings.

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Few of our Best-selling services

demolitions are actually renovations...

Mechanical Demolition Works

Mechanical Demolition works involve knocking buildings down using mechanical equipment using cranes, bulldozers, excavators, rams and wrecking balls, mechanical demolition breaks down structures into pieces that can be reused and recycled.

Debris Removal

Debris Removal is an important area of expertise only fulfilled by a few specialized machines, luckily for you, we at Friends Building Demolition have the right machinery and the right type of labor that will help you clear the debris.

Excavations upto 10 metres long

We at Friends Building Demolition have the most advanced and qualified engineers along with the latest and most trusted equipment, excavations at building sites for the installation of cranes and other heavy building equipment.

Heavy Earth Moving Equipment Rental

Heavy Earth moving machiney for any of your construction needs can also be rented through Friends Building Demolition, equipment including excavators, bulldozers, loaders, motor graders, crawler loaders and trenchers etc.

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

At FBD, the policy to respect the raise of health, safety, welfare and environment measures is a mutual objective of the company, its employees at all levels and any other persons effected by FBD’s operations.

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We are ready to provide perfect Demolition Services that will fast your construction process.

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